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Our life with the Wajana indians


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This week two grandsons, the sons of our son André, came on facetime to announce that they’re coming to Suriname for Christmas. October and November we plan to visit the Netherlands to meet with family, friends and churchmembers. We’re looking forward to the coming months.

First we have another two weeks in Paramaribo. We’ve been buying outboard motor parts, cans with oil for chainsaws (to build two Church Canoes in Apetina) and diapers for the Wajana. A gasoline tank for a generator needed some welding. Now we’re looking for an opportunity to get these things on a flight to Apetina.

We had a good time with the Dutch film crew. The two weeks were packed, so they could shoot lots about the life of the Wajana and about our life and ministry with these precious people. Special to see that television is about story telling. In the course of the weeks we became more and more aware how we could present our life to the Dutch viewer. In the past five years we became so accustomed to our jungle life. We’ll have to be patient until March 2018 to see the results in 3 tv programs of 25 minutes each.

In order to give you some idea we show some of the pictures Daniel de Wit, photografer, produced during their visit.

We’re using our time in Paramaribo to dry vegetables for the months after our furlough. We also want to dubb some films with a Wajana voice over. For this purpose Michel, a young Wajana who lives in Paramaribo, comes to our house and translates with voice-over into Wajana. Marco puts the voice under the pictures. We’re glad that they both can use their talent to serve the Wajana.

We also take time to visit our daughter and friends. We’re having meetings with the board of the unie of Baptist churches and other World Teamers. It is holiday time in Suriname and this also means that there is less traffic on the roads. We appreciate this with our shopping rounds.

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