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24 januari 2014
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A great experience

We really enjoyed attending the World Team conference in Orlando, Florida. It was great to meet with our World Team collegues from the America’s, to be inspired by their stories and to reflect on the teaching we recieved. Working in … Lees verder

New strength…

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We wish you all a happy and healthy 2014!

At the moment the year 2014 feels really new. We look back on a wonderful wrapping up of the end of 2013. IMG_0649 DSC00230Mayor event was having our son, Andre, over with his wife Wimke and our grandchildren Carina (6), Yannick (4) and Maurits (2).IMG_1067IMG_0752

They visited us in Kawemhakan the week before Christmas.  We enjoyed their visit very much. The children played with the children in the village. DSC07371DSC07408Every day bathing in the river was an event they enjoyed very much. We were able to have a short trip on the river twice. Quite exiting to find out how the grandchildren would cope sitting for more than an hour and a half in a small canoe that runs over the surface of the river with quite some speed. DSC07535 DSC07413Carina en Yannick knew how to fill in the time chatting with granddad and grandma all the time. IMG_0979Andre was happy to fish and cook out in the open in a fire hole with some banana leaves. DSC07408 DSC07500Wimke tried to catch some fish the Wajana way. What seemed so easy watching the Wajana’s catch the fish turned out to be quite a hassle, but she didn’t quit. In the end she succeeded helping Yannick catching a nice fish. The people of Kawemhakan have been encouraged by their visit. Their interest in the people and their culture was appreciated.DSC07607 On December 24th we celebrated Andre’s birthday the old fashioned way, with a real barbecue. Christmas was a real family gathering with Elsbeth and Rafi and their kids. What a beautiful time together. Rafi en Elsbeth en kids 01Last week we were busy preparing al kind of formalities for our permit for the coming two years. The next few weeks we will visit the USA attending the World Team Conference in Orlando. We look forward getting acquainted to a lot of World Teamers attending this conference and learning from each other what God is doing in our midst. We will meet with Roy and Margaret Lytle and many missionaries who served and lived in Suriname during the past decades.

Last year we made some videos on different topics. You can visit our Video page under LINKS to watch them all.






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