M & M in Suriname

Our life with the Wayana indians

Introduction M & M



Marco & Marjolein Schuurmans

We introduce ourselves with a short story of our life. We got married in 1980. Were called by the LORD to move to Suriname in 1988. We lived and worked as missionaries from 1989 – 2000 serving people from the coast to the border of Brasil. After returning to the Netherlands in 2000 Marco worked with 3xM (More Message in the Media) supporting the development of Christian Television production in countries of Eastern Europe and South America. From 2003 – end of March 2012 we were pastoring a Church in the Netherlands.

In the end of 2009 the LORD called us to return to Suriname in order to serve the Wajana indians in the interior. We started our mission from April 10′ 2012.

E-mail: Marco.Schuurmans@WorldTeam.org

Tel: +31 6 3716 0747  /  +597 8821963

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