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After a little more than six months away our missionhome really needed a good cleaning! Some years ago we already bought two rolls of linoleum of sort to replace the cracked old ones. It didn’t happen untill last week. We put it on the floor in two days. Not bad at all. It really makes our nice home even nicer don’t you think? It makes sweeping the floor much easier. It feels so good to walk barefeet in our house now.

In Suriname it is holiday time untill the beginning of October. Most teenagers, who were in Paramaribo for their education, flew back home to enjoy village life in the jungle, time with family and friends and sports. Next to our house there are two poles to attach a volleyball net to. Almost every afternoon it is playtime.

We had some boxes with clothes with us, so we had a sale on our kitchentable. People were eager to buy clothes for themselves and their children. There are no shops nearby so they need to pay a lot of money to get to a shop in the first place. Prices have gone up dramatically. The surinamese dollar is worth only half of its value a year ago.

We made an appointment with the elders to give a training again on how to use the concordance. It is such a valuable tool, but for them it is very hard to comprehend how to use it. The first Friday afternoon only one elder showed up, the second Friday we had the amount of two. It was such a blessed time to explain the alphabets order and how it is used in the concordance. For them it seems like magic how we know how to find the word we’re looking for. We plan on continuing this training next year from February – June.

Our neighbor Letu shot 5 wild pigs while he was hunting. He brought two of them home himself and sent one of his sons and his nephew to pick up the other three. That was a lot of dehairing and cutting for his wife Tepi and their granddaughter Rosalien. The bigger pieces were smoked to preserve it. We also got a piece, so Marco was our butcher and made nice pieces of meat to put in our freezer. It was enough meat for at least six days. The bones and fat and skin returned to Tepi who boiled it all in water with kasili and peppers.

It is dry season, so we’re bringing in riverwater in buckets for doing the dishes and flushing the toilet. Our rainwater is only used to filter it and then use it for drinking and cooking. We see the rocks surfacing, so for us it is much more fun to bathe in the river.

Tuesday August 29th the crew from the Dutch Christian broadcasting company arrived early in the evening. The next morning we fly with MAF to Lawa to start recording there. Monday September 4th we plan to fly back to Paramaribo, where they want to take more footage. September 6th we plan to fly to Apetina to make our last program there in five days. We’re thrilled to have the opportunity to share what God is doing in the lives of the Wajana’s and to present some projects that will benefit the Wajana’s in return. The three programs of twenty five minutes each will be broadcasted in the first three months of 2018.

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