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Our life with the Wayana indians

21 mei 2021
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So much satisfaction

We are pleased to inform you about the achievements of the last few weeks in Apetina. Friday May 21st 5 men and 5 women received their certificate. They have shown that they have mastered the theory and practice of electricity … Lees verder

10 mei 2021
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One of those days …

Early Monday morning the mother of Jaliwana (and a large number of children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren) died. We saw it all coming because she had not been out of her hammock for a few weeks and she hardly took any … Lees verder

6 mei 2021
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Sunday, May 2, was a day of special celebration for the Apetina church. But not only for them, also for the Schoen family in the USA. After 61 years of translation work, the first copy of the complete Bible in … Lees verder