M & M in Suriname

Our life with the Wajana indians

Time Flies

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More than two weeks ago we landed at Schiphol airport in Amsterdam. Marco flew the next day right on to Florence for a Global Leaders Conference of World Team. Interesting topics were treated there. World Team stated an objective to grow in 5 years time to 500 workers worldwide. A great challenge involving everyone in the organization.

Marjolein got the opportunity to visit a number of people in the Netherlands. Also nice to get used to the traffic in Netherlands from day one.

The past week we were attended a symposium of Chinese CAMA churches in Europe. The meetings were in Amsterdam. We traveled every day up and down from Delft. We could share the World Team plans to start a new missionary work among the Chinese population of Lima. Networking was the common thread this past week.

Now we begin our leave with ‘home assignment’. The next few weeks our calendar is filled with various appointments. We look forward to meet many people in order to share about our life and work in Suriname.

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