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Our life with the Wayana indians

27 mei 2020
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God shows us a way

Let’s start with the good news: the birthmark that was removed from Marco’s face was not harmful. We weren’t really concerned about it, but it’s nice to hear that there is nothing to worry about. The dermatologist then immediately checked … Lees verder

8 mei 2020
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One thing leads to another. While cleaning our pantry, Marjolein found a number of stickers with poppie flowers. That is a nice wall decoration, but our green wall could use a facelift. Anneke Kempeneers, who is staying with us during … Lees verder

2 mei 2020
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Quite a week

We’re praying that there will be no Corona outbreak in Upper Suriname. So far there are no infections, for which we are very grateful. At times it is also quite difficult for us to keep our distance and not visit … Lees verder