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Last week our director from C&MA the Netherlands payed us a visit us at Lawa. Together with him we visited several places along the Lawa river where churches are or will be build. It is such a blessing to see how the Church is growing here, tucked away in the jungle! Building is expensive out there, so they’re asking assistance from brothers and sisters in the Netherlands and the USA.

It was great to show him around in our world, to have him meet some of the elders. We’ve been praying and talking about steps we need to make now in order to reach our goals in the next ten years.

Marco experienced, after returning from Canada, that he isn’t twenty any more. He needed some rest to digest all the information from his 4 weeks long trip.

For this period in Lawa we’re in our last week. This means finishing things, cleaning the house, washing hammocks etc. to leave the house in order untill we return in December.

We had our last meetings with the elders. Marjolein completed her verse by verse study of the first letter of Peter with four women. This is done to learn them how to study their bible and ask questions after reading. They all are teaching women, teenagers and children, so they want to know how to teach them right. It has been a start, so Marjolein is planning to continue in December.

Alumpia enjoyed his coffee time with Marjolein so much that he continued with his visits after Marco’s return. Often we read from Gods Word together, which means that Marjolein reads because Alumpia’s sight is failing him more and more.

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