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Our life with the Wajana indians

Every day is a miracle.

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What a hospitality we received from the Endigeris in Los Romas #1 in Trinidad! They even offered us their own bedroom! Their daughter Supriya drove us around Trinidad.

What a beautiful island and what a beautiful people we met. We enjoyed this short week very much. Marco took a lot of pictures, had several interviews to be able to make a short movie about the Trinidad field of World Team.


It is to be used for people who are interested in missions overseas with World Team. He has been editing these past few days for quite some hours to make a three and a half minute movie. Now he can fully focus on the trip to The United States and Canada together with Miep.

It is great to be in Lawa again after 6 weeks of home make over and traveling. To have some time together before Marco leaves again for his next trip. That we have some preparation time together with Miep and Melisa. A lot has been prepared already: airplane tickets are bought, hotelroom reservations and car rentals are made. We’re convinced that this will be a very special journey. We’re longing to see Gods plan in this all. Miep, the Wajana chief of the Lawa river, and Marco are going to be very busy the next 4 ½ weeks.

Marjolein stays at Lawa. She wants to study some more Wajana language and culture. She would love to teach the leaders of women-, teenage- and childrenswork how to prepare their biblestudies! So they don’t depend for this on ‘outsiders’.

This weekend Marjolein is having visitors from Paramaribo: one of the MAF pilots and his family will come over. So Marjolein won’t be all by herself right away. It also is a good opportunity to receive some of our stuff from the city to Lawa. So nice.

We heard that the Easter conference in Apetina was very good. People really enjoyed the sermons and the singing. 30 Apalai came down from Brazil. They walked and canoed through the jungle for 6 weeks to attend the conference. The people from Apetina went by canoe upriver to meet them where they came out of the bush. This cost a lot of gasoline for the outboard motor. There was no gasoline to bring the Apalai upriver again after the conference. God provided that there were two barrels of gasoline left at Lawa. We could buy these and MAF was willing to fly them to Apetina with no costs. So now the Apalai can return to their villages. We heard they first want to wait for Roy Lytle’s Bibleteachings, before traveling back to Brazil.

Itinary of Marco en Ipomadi:

27 april Lawa – Paramaribo

30 april Paramaribo – Port of Spain – Houston – Denver

1 mei   in the night by car from Denver to Estes Park for the Alteco conference

1-5 mei Alteco conference

5 mei by car from Estes Park to Denver.

6 mei Denver – Detroit- Philadelphia

6 – 10 mei Philadelphia – head office of World Team America.

10 mei Philadelphia – Detroit – Minneapolis- Winnipeg

10 – 16 mei Winnipeg meet the first nation people of Canada. Share about the life of the Wajana’s in different places and churches.

16 – 17 mei by car from Winnipeg to Edmonton, stay overnight in Sasketoon

17 – 21 mei Edmonton – visit first nation people youth conference. Share about the life of the Wajana’s in different places and churches.

21 mei Edmonton – Winnipeg

22 – 24 mei Winnipeg meet the NEFC director

24 mei Winnipeg – Toronto

25 mei Toronto visit World Team office Canada. Meeting possible candidates for Lima Peru.

26 mei Winnipeg – Barbados – Port of Spain – Paramaribo

29 mei Paramaribo – Lawa

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