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The last week of May we had two funerals in two days. One was an expected one because the doctors told the man he had stomach cancer. He didn’t want to be treated in the hospital so he returned to Apetina to die. The second one was an unexpected one, an older lady was bitten by a snake in her hand while working in her garden a few miles from the village. On the third morning we prayed again with her and she was in a lot of pain. A few hours later we were informed that she passed away. A great shock for everyone.

Last Sunday two babies were born a boy and a girl. The cycle of life goes on.

In the meantime we moved again to Lawa.

Heather and Sean Christensen, our World Team colleagues from Haiti, came to visit us from June 4-11th. Together we flew from Apetina to Lawa. We had several conversations both in Lawa and Maripasoula, to see if there is a need for a graduated, French speaking bibleschool student from Haiti, to support the various churches on the Lawa side. We talked about this a few years ago with Sean and it was so good for him to get the picture while being here. We had time to be ‘real tourists’ and visit a waterfall in French Guyana. We really enjoyed our time together.

Heather and Sean and Marco flew to Paramaribo Monday June 11th. Heather and Sean flew back to Miami the next morning. Marco stayed in town to prepare for the outboard engine training. He drove all over town to get everything ready in time. He even had time to celebrate Fathersday with our youngest daughter and her family. Very special for both of them.

Monday June 18 the trainers and Marco arrived safely at Lawa and Tuesday the training started with twenty attendees. We changed our downstairs into a classroom with some benches of the church. Our beamer, whiteboard and other equipment turns out very handy. It is very encouraging to see the enthusiasm of the young men and women. The women will eventually take care of the administrative unit, but they need to know all the parts of the outboard engines. During the training so far they turn out to be first in line to understand the technical issues and quick to understand the use of various special tools.

We are pleased to have attendees of different villages: Lawa, Apetina, Awarahpan, Solonam, Tutukampu and Palumeu. If they all receive their certificate in August, the villages and the outboard engines will benefit their skills and knowledge.

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