M & M in Suriname

Our life with the Wajana indians


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Just before we left Lawa people came by for last minute shopping. This happens every time. A last time to buy beads for the coming months, or a last due payment of the clothes sale. Mothers come with their children. While mother is talking with Marjolein the little kids wander off to see what there is to play with. A few photos to show how a little boy entertained himself.


As usual we want to fit as much activities in our Paramaribo days as possible. We already bought some of our supplies for Apetina. Some boxes had arrived from the Netherlands containing 4 hand sewing machines. These needed service but a friend gave Marco a quick lesson how to do it himself. One machine needed more attention so we took it to the repair shop. It hopefully will be ready next week. We learned some new addresses in the city to fix the sewing machine.

On our flight to Manaus we celebrated Marjoleins birthday. After arriving we first attended the four day conference of our partner organization. It was our first time and a very good experience. So good to get to know the local leaders and the coworkers. Marco gave one of the devotionals. Earlier made agreements were affirmed in a face to face meeting. Building trust is key when partnering cross culturally. Portugese is not a language we master, so sometimes we felt frustrated not being able to communicate well. This week we have been planning and working with our World Team workers here. We wanted to encourage them in building their ministry. We also have been working on a recruiting video. Tonight we fly back to Suriname. Our time here flew by realy.



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