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Happy New Year 2018

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The time with our son André and his family flew by. Was it really ten days? It means we had a great time together. They all slept in a hammock, which surprised us from the children. We went fishing and hunting for a day by canoe with Vankeina and his son in law. A real jungle experience next to bathing in the river and celebrating Christmas with the Wajana’s. A very special time to create memories with our grandchildren.

We look back on a busy year with a lot of traveling to different countries, having a television crew over to make videos of the Wajana’s and of us for four programs by the Dutch Christian Broadcasting Company, teaching and praying with and for Wajana leaders, a furlough period in which we could meet a lot of family, friends, supporters and churches. We surely are blessed people. We look forward to the new year in which we may visit missionaries of World Team in Manaus, Brazil, we expect visitors from Canada and Holland, hope to see the launching of the Bible College for indigenous church leadership and much more.

We’re sure it will be a special year because we serve an awesome God. We celebrated New Years Eve with the Wajana in Lawa. We enjoyed a meal together which was a gift from the government. This is also Suriname. We wish you all a happy, healthy and blessed new year with new adventures.

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