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Back home and in the air again

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Tuesday, August 16th the alarm was set at 4 am in order to be on the road to Toronto’s international airport. It was the last time we saw a sunrise in Canada, the next sunrise would be in Suriname.

We had lots of time to check in our suitcases, which had doubled in the past weeks! So we had time for breakfast and to visit the different shops. In Trinidad, we had enough time to visit retired World Team colleagues.

We shared a meal in a food court. Wednesday morning very early we arrived safely in Suriname. Amepun and Susina had to drive to Paramaribo and on to St. Laurent in French Guiana to catch the plane to Maripasoula. The airline changed the date just a few days ago.

Marco and Marjolein used the following days to finish the administrative side of the trip and catch up with family and friends all over the world. Last Saturday Marco flew to another country in South America for a vision trip. Flying within South America isn’t the easiest and so he had the choice to go a few days early or come a few days late. He chose to go early.

Marjolein will spend these two weeks with our daughter Elisabeth and her family. After nine weeks of translation and being on the road, she needs some time to recuperate. Marco plans to fly back home on September 9th.

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