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Last Monday we landed in Apetina with MAF. Four weeks in the city turned out to be a good time in which, in addition to the usual shopping for the coming weeks, we were able to meet a number of people.

After arriving at our jungle house, two main taps broke down. Plastic suffers from the climate. One of them was the main tap from the water tower, so we had to work with river water. MAF provided a solution by buying us a tap and PVC glue in the city. Last Thursday morning these were sent to Apetina with a Gum Air flight. That same afternoon Marco went to work so that the water system in the house was working again in the evening.

One of the MAF families surprised us with a Christmas present in the shape of a bamboo star with Christmas lights. In the dark evenings the star shines bright. Great to have some Christmas lights the coming weeks.

At the end of our leave, we wondered whether the trip to Canada in 2022 was feasible. While we were waiting for our suitcases after arriving in Suriname, a message came in from Canada from a Church that would like to provide us with shelter, food and transport for a month while we would be in Calgary. What a great encouragement.

2019 Prayer at ’the Forks’ in Winnipeg

We started the applications process for two visas for Wayana who join our team to Canada next year. This is always a lot of work. Downloading and filling out forms, scanning documents, etc. Next to this we pray for the funds we need for this trip.

World Team Canada Office has opened a project fund for this trip so that donors can transfer their contribution.

Here is the link to the Project # 40546 Wayana/Canada Missions Project

We invite you to draw attention to this special project in your area. In Canada there are a number of churches that support us locally with accommodation and food. Travel costs in particular require a considerable amount of money. The participants do their best to pay for part of this themselves. However, the high costs of boarding school for the children, increased fuel costs, etc. make it hard to provide for their own contribution. Hence the fund to contribute to this project through World Team Canada.


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