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We are pleased to inform you about the achievements of the last few weeks in Apetina. Friday May 21st 5 men and 5 women received their certificate. They have shown that they have mastered the theory and practice of electricity for building a home installation. In addition, 5 men have received a certificate of participation in the theory of electricity. We hope to be able to do the practical part with them next time we visit the village. We are so grateful for the large turnout of students.

We expected a lot of visitors so the day before Marjolein and a number of our lady students prepared 350 cookies

A great morning that ended in backing pancakes to feed the hungry workers

many guests came to join in our festivities

Students explain about the training

How we connected those lights

Johan Neni, chairman of the Piya Foundation adresses the group

Our co-trainer via ZOOM speaks online

a drink and … a cookie


look at the bright lights on the balcony

A certificate to show the training was completed successfully

This is the first step in the entire electrification process of the village of Apetina. In Canada, a hydropower turbine is being built so that the village will have electricity 24 hours a day in a while. At the moment there has been no power at all for several months because the village generator is broken and can only be repaired by a mechanic who has to fly in from the city. When electricity will be provided 24/7 the power grid must also be safe. The students presented various situations where the net is very unsafe. They now can see where it is unsafe. The training has always focused on safety, safe working and a safe electricity grid.

The official opening of the guesthouse by the chairman of the Piya Foundation together with the chairman of the Kuluwayak Foundation

In addition, the guesthouse is now officially opened. What a milestone for the village. A number of people have worked hard on this in recent years. Now it is almost finished. An additional incentive to complete it quickly is the arrival of the Minister of Regional Development. He will probably be the first guest in this beautiful building in a few weeks’ time.

Our plan is to fly to the city next Wednesday. We have a dentist appointment and other things next to shopping. Within a week we hope to fly to Lawa to start our ministry there for the next 3 ½  months.

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