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Early Monday morning the mother of Jaliwana (and a large number of children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren) died. We saw it all coming because she had not been out of her hammock for a few weeks and she hardly took any food and drink for the past week. Around noon she was taken to her final resting place. You feel the sadness in the village.

At 10:30 that same morning, a MAF plane full of boxes of Wayana Bibles landed. People have been looking forward to that for so long, so they were so happy to receive all those boxes. Now it was quite exciting whether the plane could land. Visibility was not very good with the rain showers. Fortunately, it went just right. It would not be the first time that an aircraft had to return to Paramaribo due to heavy rainfall and insufficient visibility. In fact, that happened to the MAF pilot who took off from the city in the morning towards Lawa. During the flight it rained very hard in East Suriname and the various runways were closed. This pilot had to return to Paramaribo with his cargo. Together we thanked God for His goodness and protection. The Bibles are still in our study for a while. In the coming weeks, the Bible room in the church will be prepared to store the boxes.


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